Pokemon GO, Oh No! Personal Injuries, App Players, & Potential Cases

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm and anytime something becomes this popular, problems are bound to occur. The app itself sends people all around and multiple injuries have already been reported in the news. If you've been injured in an incident that involves the app, then you may have a potential personal injury case on your hands. By consulting with personal injury lawyers, such as Jon D. Caminez, PA, you can break down the details of the case. Different factors can impact the case and breaking these elements down will give you a better understanding of your potential case.

Driving Incidents

As people search for Pokemon while driving, it has created many hazards on the road. In many states it is illegal to operate your phone while driving a vehicle, immediately putting a Pokemon GO app user at fault for any car accidents that have occurred. If you have involved in a car accident with a Pokemon GO user, then you may have a potential personal injury case. The other driver can be held liable for the accident. In this case, you may receive compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage, and long-term impacts like missed work. An attorney can use phone evidence to prove the person was using the app while driving and creating unsafe driving conditions.

Pedestrian Incidents

In many cases, the pedestrian typically has the right of way through crosswalks and other areas. When players are hunting Pokemon, they can easily be distracted and end up wandering in the street. If you have hit a pedestrian that is playing Pokemon GO, you may not always be held liable for the injuries that have occurred. There are multiple examples where the driver would not be held at fault for injuries.

For example, a player may dart across the street with no warning. Your attempts to stop or avoid the contact with the pedestrian may have been impossible due to their positioning and speed. In other instances, a person may have been crossing areas that are dangerous or not approved for pedestrians. This can include high-speed highway areas, rotaries, or exit ramp areas.

On the other side of things, if you're a player that's been hit by a car, then you could still have a case by your hands. By properly following crosswalk symbols, walking paths, and basic laws, your injuries should not have occurred whether you were playing the app or not. An attorney can use witness testimony, traffic cams, and your injury evidence to help build a case.

Public Property

If you're a Pokemon GO player yourself, then you will likely be visiting a lot of public areas to try and hunt the monsters. A lot of parks and public areas are experiencing new foot traffic that they may not have been used to before. In some cases, the conditions of these areas may not be suitable for walking or playing on. If you're injured on public property, then you may an injury case to help get compensation for damages. For example, a park may have poor walking paths that lead to a slip and fall incident. An attorney can help gather park evidence and prove the poor conditions of the area.

Along with poor walking conditions, other park dangers may have led to your injuries. For example, poor tree care could lead to fallen branches that lead to injuries. Poor equipment like park benches or playground equipment could also lead to injuries. Photo and video evidence can go a long way in proving your injury case. Consulting with an attorney can help establish your case and the best ways to move forward.

You should make contact with an attorney soon after your injury has occurred. This can help get the case started quickly and help you reach a potential settlement faster.