Is Fighting A Speeding Ticket The Way To Go?

For some people, paying off a speeding ticket is the best route. For others, it could be worthwhile to challenge the ticket. If you received a speeding ticket, here is what you need to know.  

Should You Pay It?

A speeding ticket could result in serious consequences for some drivers. For drivers with a poor driving record, it could mean a hike in insurance rates. It could potentially mean a suspension of driving privileges under some circumstances. If a driver's employment is tied to his or her driving record, a ticket could potentially have an impact on his or her employment.  

You have to review the possible consequences that come with a speeding ticket to determine if challenging it is worth your while. If so, fighting the ticket could be the better option for you.  

How Can You Fight It?

If you decide to fight the ticket, you need to develop a strategy. One of the first places to start is by studying the details of your case. You might be able to challenge some aspect of it to get the ticket dismissed.  

For instance, you could challenge the accuracy of the speedometer. Ask the police department to provide you with the manufacturer and model of the device and check for information about its accuracy. If the accuracy of that particular device has been challenged in the past, you could use this information to ask for a dismissal.  

If you truly were speeding, you have to consider why you were doing so. For instance, were you rushing to get a relative to the emergency room? If there were extenuating reasons that led to the incident, you might be able to convince a judge to dismiss the ticket.  

What Happens in Court?

The procedures in traffic court are similar to other types of court. You will have the chance to call on witnesses to testify. You can also present evidence to the judge to dispute the claims of the police officer.  

Most importantly, you can question the police officer who ticketed you. If he or she does not show, you might be able to convince the judge to dismiss based on the fact the officer is not there is testify.  

To increase the chances of getting a dismissal for a speeding ticket, consult with an attorney like those found at Campbell Law Group PLLC. An attorney will know what could possibly work in your case and help develop an effective strategy.