Working With A Lawyer For The First Time? What To Know

Retaining a lawyer for the first time is typically done when you're dealing with some stress or concern about a legal situation in your life. While your reasons for getting an attorney may be preoccupying your thoughts, being able to communicate and work well with the lawyer you've chosen is vital for a successful resolution of your situation. Keep these details in mind so that you can have a harmonious, productive relationship with your attorney.

Be Forthcoming About Embarrassing Details

Whether you're struggling with an alcohol problem right now or had some run-ins with disreputable people in your past, you might be reluctant to share details that you find embarrassing. You may think those details have no bearing on the case at hand, and you may prefer to focus on other aspects of the case. This can be a major error in reasoning; your attorney is one of the few people that should know as much about you as possible. Investigators for the other party are sure to attempt to dig up negative information about you, and if they should find it before your attorney knows, your credibility may suffer and your attorney will have to work even harder to support you. Giving your lawyer information, even if you don't believe it's relevant, will allow them to build a smarter case.

Have Them Around When You're Contacted By the Other Party

One thing that could happen to you during the unfolding legal process is that the other party, whether it be a store, company or another individual, may attempt to speak with or call you. Because you may hope to resolve things, you might agree to talk. This can be a troublesome move for two reasons. First, the other party might be trying to convince you to sign documents or accept a settlement. The offered amount to you might seem like a large sum, but it's better to have your own lawyer there to let you know whether they're extending a good deal. Secondly, if your attorney isn't there, the other party could ask for a statement which they could later use for their own purposes or to discredit you. That's why it's essential to have your lawyer present whenever you've got to communicate with someone else.

Lawyers can be staunch advocates who provide guidance, support and legal expertise that will help you prevail in whatever legal situation you're dealing with. Observing the pointers above will ensure that you and your attorney work well together. Contact a lawyer, like The Law Office of Israel S Hernandez, PLLC, for more help.