3 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do During Your Divorce

If you are in the process of ending your marriage, you might not be totally sure of what you should and shouldn't say and do. Of course, every situation and divorce case are different. However, these are a few things that you probably shouldn't do during your divorce.

1. Handle it Alone

First of all, even if you are the type of person who likes to do things on your own rather than paying someone else to do them, you probably aren't going to want to skip out on hiring an attorney. The truth is that a divorce can be quite complicated, and things like your rights to some of the martial property that you have helped to accumulate and your rights to child custody could be at stake. This is probably not a situation that you are going to want to leave in the hands of someone who is inexperienced, including yourself. At the bare minimum, you are probably going to want to go through a mediator. Even better, consider meeting with a good divorce lawyer who will work hard for you with your case.

2. Make Major Purchases

When you are still going through a divorce, you may want to be careful about doing things like buying a nice car or your dream home, even if you are planning on doing it with your own income and without the assistance of your spouse. Depending on the laws in your state, there is a good chance that your spouse will be entitled to half of whatever you purchase while you are still married, even if you are legally separated and aren't living  together. It's important to talk to your lawyer before you make the decision to make any major purchases at this point in your life; you might find that you are better off waiting until after your divorce is finalized.

3. Trash Your Spouse

You might be hurting right now, and you could be tempted to do things like trashing your spouse to others while you're going through this tough situation. However, this can affect your family, and it can even jeopardize your court case with your children. It's best to keep these things to yourself or to meet with a counselor instead of talking about your spouse to everyone that you know, no matter how hurt you might feel about the whole situation. In fact, meeting with a counselor can help you avoid these problems and can help you with better healing as well.