3 Common Mistakes People Make When Divorcing

Ending a marriage is not going to be pleasant, but it can be a peaceful and understanding agreement for both parties involved. Unfortunately, no matter what the situation or the reason for divorce, emotions get in the way of making difficult decisions during the divorce process. With the help of this guide and your attorney, you can avoid the physical, emotional, and financial stresses of divorce.

Using the Children

One of the most mistakes a couple can make is to use the children to benefit your cause during and even after a divorce. If you are upset about a situation, you may think you can prevent your spouse from seeing the children, in hopes of angering them or punishing them.

Many couples will also use their children to "send messages" to their ex-spouse. You may complain to your child about your ex or the current state of the marriage, hooping they relay the message when it is time for them to see the other parent.

In both cases, using your child to hurt your spouse can be a mistake. Not only will your child suffer emotionally, but using your child to benefit you and your divorce situation can also result in legal ramifications, especially if you have a custody agreement already in place.

Not Providing Accurate Finance Information

Another mistake many people make during the divorce is lying or hiding money and assets from the lawyers and your ex-spouse. Again, you may want to hide your money from your ex, so you do not have to pay any or more alimony or child support payments.

It is imperative that you provide your attorney will all information pertaining to your finances, including your current income and bank statements, debt, real estate, taxes, cash, collectibles, stocks, bonds, vehicles, and retirement plan.

If certain causes, hiding assets or deflating your income could lead to extreme financial penalties or even charges that lead to an arrest.

Refusing to Agree/Compromise

It is common for couples to disagree on things, especially as they are divorcing. However, the longer it takes for you and your ex to come up with an agreement/compromise, the longer the divorce process will take.

Many lawyers recommend working with a mediation team, which will reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the actual court room. This saves you time and stress, but it can also reduce the cost of the divorce.

Mediation can help you agree to disagree on a few things while compromising on custody agreements and financial issues in a more efficient manner.