What Are You Looking For In A Divorce Law Attorney? Specifics To Be Specific About

Too many people looking to hire a divorce lawyer just flip open service finder apps, run the scroller rapidly, and hit the screen when they want to pick something. Well, maybe it is not that random, but sometimes it seems pretty close to it. The problem with picking a divorce lawyer this way is that you are not getting someone who represents any and all specific interests that you want represented. To get the right divorce law attorney, you have to be specific, and you have to know the specifics to make such a request. The following reflects some of the specifics you should be asking about, and how to make sure you get them. 

Mediation or No Mediation

Mediation is a gray area, and most of the time it will not accomplish much between two people who are breaking up and fighting a lot. Essentially, you head into a meeting room with a delegate that is not a lawyer, you sit there and throw out the issues that the two of you cannot come to an agreement on, and the mediator makes suggestion about how the two of you can handle each issue. When two people are willing to make a compromise, mediation really works, and it costs less than going to court. However, it may not work for you, and you should tell your lawyer up front that you do not want it. 

Guardian ad Litem and Visitation/Custody Schedules

A guardian ad litem is assigned to you when children are involved. You get zero pick of the guardian litter, too, so do not be surprised if what you get is someone who will not work things out the way you expect. After all, that is technically the guardian's job; he/she has to determine which parent should get custody and/or get more custody than the other parent.

If you can work out a reasonable visitation schedule, and work out custody arrangements in a mature fashion with your spouse, then the court will not assign a guardian ad litem. However, most divorcing couples tend to fight a lot over the children, which means that any arrangement you make may not work out. If you do make an arrangement, run it past your lawyer before you even present it to your ex and/or his/her lawyer. Otherwise it could become legally binding, and then you have to fight it to make changes.