Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Attorney

It's perfectly normal to be a bit nervous before your first meeting with a child custody attorney. After all, you are already in a stressful position if you are fighting for custody of your child. One of the things you must remember is to ask questions when you are unsure about something.

You might already have some questions you are curious about. While your attorney will give you information specific to your case, the following information can help you feel more confident as you prepare to work with your attorney.

What Information or Documentation Should You Bring?

First, ensure you bring any court documents you have been served with. If you have court files from a trial already, bring those with you too. If you have exchanged any other correspondence, like letters or court paperwork, with your ex ensure you bring it.

You should also bring a notebook in which you can take your own notes. You might write down some questions in this notebook ahead of time to ensure you do not leave with any stones unturned.

What Are the Signs of a Good Attorney?

You already know that attorneys are not cheap, so you want to know that the money you spend on an attorney is for the best possible value. The right attorney will sound knowledgeable and confident about your case. Additionally, you should feel comfortable talking to him or her. A good attorney is comfortable answering your questions, especially when it comes to the issues of payment and your odds of a favorable outcome.

What Does a Child Custody Case Cost?

Without having a specific and accurate overview of your case, it is difficult to even give you a ballpark on how much your case may cost. Even your attorney may not have a solid figure for you until you develop a plan of action. Any estimates are typically a ballpark unless your attorney is willing to work on a flat fee basis.

Of course, the cost of hiring a lawyer may ultimately save you money in the long run. For example, your attorney could save you from hefty child support or alimony fees in the future.

What Makes a Successful Child Custody Case?

Trust is perhaps one of the most successful elements involved in a child custody case. You should never leave your attorney's office feeling unsafe or as if you have not been listened to. You deserve to have your side of the case heard.

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