What You Need To Know About Lead Poisoning And What You Can Do About It Legally

Lead poisoning happens when lead builds up in a person's body over time. Lead poisoning doesn't usually happen overnight, in other words, but prolonged exposure to lead over months or years could lead to an issue. Here's what you need to know about lead poisoning and what your options are if you believe you or someone you love is a victim.

Lead Can Be Hidden in Paint and Dust

Most people who are being subjected to lead poisoning don't even know it's happening. Lead can hide in many different things, but two of the most common are lead-contaminated paint or lead-contaminated dust. If a building is especially old and hasn't been cleaned or updated with modern paint, this could be the perfect situation for lead poisoning to occur over time.

Lead Poisoning Can Happen to Anyone, But Children Are Especially Vulnerable

Any human being can suffer lead poisoning, but we as a society pay close attention to making sure children don't get it. This is because especially young children who are exposed to lead might end up with problems later in life. Lead poisoning can cause a child's development to stall or slow. The sad thing, though, is that because lead poisoning happens so slowly, you might not notice the problem until it's too late and your child is showing developmental issues.

You Need to Get Yourself or Your Child Tested

The only way to be absolutely sure you have lead poisoning is to get tested for it. Lead builds up slowly over time, which means that it will eventually reach a point where it is detectable because the lead won't go away without treatment. You or your child's blood will be examined for lead levels. In many states, if a child's test comes back with too much lead in the blood, this may trigger governmental action like an inspection of the child's home or school.

What to Do If You or Your Child Gets Lead Poisoning

Once the test results come in and lead poisoning is confirmed, make sure you get a complete copy of the test. Your next step is to figure out where the exposure came from, and again, the state might even help you investigate if there is a child involved. Another way to investigate is to hire a lead poisoning lawyer.

Hire a Lawyer to Hold People Accountable

If your child's school, daycare or any other place entrusted with their care has failed you, your family might be entitled to financial compensation. Contact a lead poisoning lawyer today for more information.