The 3 Biggest Challenges Couples Face When Settling Divorce Cases

Divorcing from your spouse without kids is challenging, but divorcing with kids tends to be even harder for most couples. Couples that begin the divorce process might not think they will have major disputes during their cases, but many do. Here are three of the biggest challenges that couples face when trying to settle their divorce cases.

Dividing the House and Assets

A couple's home is often the most valuable asset they have, and there are times when both spouses want to keep the house. Therefore, determining who will get it is often a significant struggle for couples. If you face this challenge in your divorce, it may be helpful to know how courts and lawyers determine who gets the house if a couple cannot decide.

One factor that courts view is each spouse's financial ability to afford the house. A court typically will not push for one spouse to get the house if they cannot afford it. The second factor is the kids. If one parent has custody of the kids, that parent may have an improved chance of getting the house in the divorce case.

Settling on Child Custody Issues

Child custody is the second issue that tends to be challenging for couples. If both spouses want the kids, it can create a major child-custody battle. Courts will end up making the final decision if a couple cannot, and courts view several things. The first thing they view is the best interests of the children. Which parent could provide a better environment for the kids? Secondly, they look at other details, such as finances and emotional support. Courts want the kids to be in the best place as possible, and they will decide for you if you and your spouse cannot make the decision.

Determining Future Agreements Related to the Kids

The other source of disputing in divorce cases is for future agreements related to the kids. If you have young children, you must think about things they will need in the future when settling your case. For example, who will supply your kids with a car when they start driving? Who will pay for their car insurance and cell phone plans? While you may struggle to reach agreements with these things, it is essential to do so during your divorce case.

If you have questions or issues about your divorce, make sure you talk to a divorce attorney today.