Potential Compensable Injuries From A Side-Impact Collision

Most individuals would not want to get involved in a car accident. Many think that it will never happen to them because they consider themselves to be safe drivers. However, the negligence of other drivers could result in serious accidents. One of the most common types of accidents occurs when one driver fails to yield to another at an intersection causing a side-impact collision. The end result is often devastating, and a wide range of bodily injuries may occur. This type of accident is commonly referred to as a T-bone accident. The at-fault party could be either driver, which is why negligence has to be proven. In some cases, negligent drivers will admit that they caused accidents. This can make seeking compensation an easier transition. The following points represent potential injuries that could occur as a result of a side-impact crash.

Broken Bones and Tissue Damage

These types of injuries can cause significant pain. Broken bones will likely take longer to heal than soft tissue damage. There might be physical therapy involved to get injured individuals healed and able to function. Sometimes broken bones may be in different locations of the body making the recovery time more complex. These types of injuries can interfere with individuals returning to work. 


This is a type of neck injury that is common in side-impact collisions. Many vehicles today are equipped with advanced technologies that offer a measure of protection against injuries in collisions. Side-impact airbags are one example of a safety-enhanced feature. However, it is still possible to sustain neck injuries particularly if the force of the impact is significant. Some individuals who get whiplash have ongoing neck issues for the rest of their lives. 

Head Injuries

During any type of collision, it is possible for a driver's head to make contact with the steering wheel or dashboard. Injured passengers may also strike their heads on the dashboard. Deployed airbags can also cause head trauma. These are serious injuries that can result in headaches, issues with memory, and brain damage. Individuals who sustain head injuries may not know the full extent of their injuries. Sometimes the effects of the head injuries last a lifetime.

A personal injury attorney is a good resource to use if you get injured in a side-impact collision and are not at fault. They can assist with negotiating a fair settlement on your behalf. Injury victims should never accept offers made by insurance companies without consulting with an attorney. There are more things that are compensable in these cases than medical bills. For example, loss of income is compensable.