3 Serious Mistakes An Immigration Attorney Will Help You Avoid

If you want to become a permanent resident in the US, you'll need to complete several forms. Although thorough research and some internet resources may give you a clue on how to fill in these documents, you may still make some errors that may negatively affect your application. If you want to avoid making mistakes while applying for citizenship, a visa, or a green card, consult an immigration attorney. They'll ensure you fill all the documents correctly to increase your chances of being accepted. Keep reading to learn the three serious mistakes these lawyers will help you avoid.

Submitting the Wrong Documents 

There are many forms you can fill out to ask for some immigration privileges. Some notable ones include a naturalization form, a work permit application, an asylum request form, and an immigration petition. You can find all these documents and more on the USCIS's website. Filling and submitting the wrong document will prevent you from getting the benefits you requested for.

An immigration attorney can keep you from submitting the wrong documents. They'll help you fill out the right paperwork and submit it to the right agency. They'll also ensure you include all the required documents to prevent approval or rejection delays. Besides that, these attorneys can keep you from immigration scams. Because they handle these issues daily, they'll tell you the mistakes to avoid when filing documents. They also work with employers to ensure they comply with various restrictions when filling out documents such as I-9 forms, and N-400.

Making Typographical Errors

Although typos are usually considered common mistakes, they can prevent you from attaining your citizenship goals. If you're not used to filing documents you can make errors such as using a wrong letter or number in a field, having your personal information in the wrong line, forgetting to check a box, leaving fields blank, or entering the wrong date. It can be difficult for USCIS to process your application as quickly as possible if it has these errors. In fact, they may even suspect that you're trying to be deceptive with the government officials. An immigration lawyer will ensure you check over everything carefully before submitting your application to prevent your request from denial.

Walking into the Interview Room Without Adequate Preparation 

While it's normal to feel anxious when being interviewed by immigration officers, a lack of preparation can make you seem less credible. A lawyer can help you to prepare for this process in many ways. They'll ensure you know the contents of all the documents you've submitted to the USCIS, and are less anxious about answering questions and waiting for the interview. They'll also give you the answers to most questions you're likely to be asked.

Mistakes can greatly reduce your chances of obtaining citizenship or living and working in the US. Thankfully, an immigration attorney can help you identify them before it's too late, increasing your chances of getting a visa or permanent residency.