Trucking Accidents And Finding Representation

If you were hurt because of the careless actions of a trucker, what you do after the accident can impact you and your case in a big way. This is not an ordinary sort of vehicle accident situation. In many cases, the truck that hit you is owned by a large trucking firm, and they are often prepared to fight against victims who ask for compensation.

Ascertain Who is Responsible

Some trucks are owner-operated, but they are employed by large trucking firms. Some truck drivers, however, work for themselves and so are self-employed. Your personal injury lawyer will investigate the truck owner's situation right away because you need to know who you are up against. Most drivers carry insurance and so do most trucking firms. In most cases, the way the case goes will depend on who owns the truck.

Case Settlement Possibilities

If the truck is owned by a large trucking firm with a public reputation to uphold, you may have a better chance of your case settling soon. Big companies like Mayflower, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, UPS, and others are generally reluctant to go to trial because of the negative publicity it could garner. That means they might offer you a settlement. However, the settlement offer might be inadequate. Your personal injury lawyer will add up your damages and determine how much you are owed before they begin to negotiate with the trucking firm for compensation for you.

The insurers for privately-owned trucks may also try to settle but they may not be as eager to avoid court. Made sure your personal injury lawyer is prepared to take your case to court should the need arise.

Serious Injuries Are Common

Big truck crashes often mean big injuries too. When a victim is seriously injured by a truck, they may deserve more than the usual amount of compensation. Their medical expenses will naturally be higher and that also can cause their pain and suffering damages to rise higher. Then, don't forget to include your future medical expenses in the settlement. You might need continuing medical care if the injury is bad enough. Finally, some truck injuries result in permanent injuries to victims. These victims may be unable to work again because of the accident.

Don't accept a too-small settlement offer. Speak to a car accident lawyer about ensuring you are paid for all the ways the truck accident impacted your life.