What To Know About Hiring A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

There are many situations where you may find yourself unable to work due to illness or injury. You may qualify for workers' compensation if your injury or illness is work-related. However, even straightforward cases where workers' compensation should be easy to obtain can become convoluted. If you are struggling and in a situation where you think you have a valid workers' compensation claim, a lawyer may be able to help. Here's what to know about hiring a workers' compensation lawyer. 

When To Hire An Attorney

The first thing to know about hiring a workers' compensation attorney is when it's necessary. First, if your claim is denied or you don't receive your benefits within a reasonable time period, you should consult with an attorney. Second, hiring a lawyer may be your best bet if your workplace or their insurance isn't cooperative. If you have questions about your claim, many workers' compensation lawyers offer free consultations. During a consultation, a lawyer will walk you through your case and help you determine whether legal action is needed.  

How An Attorney Will Help You

Once you decide to hire a workers' compensation lawyer, knowing how they can help you will come in handy. There are a lot of forms you will need to fill out and deadlines to meet when making a workers' compensation claim. Your lawyer will ensure you meet these deadlines and complete the proper paperwork. Your attorney will also gather evidence and negotiate with your workplace or their insurance company on your behalf. If your workers' compensation case goes to a hearing or trial, your attorney will walk you through the process and represent you during it.

How Much An Attorney Costs

Typically a workers' compensation lawyer will charge a contingency fee instead of an hourly or flat fee. Your attorney will charge a percentage of your settlement or workers' compensation benefits. If they lose your case, they will not receive payment. Contingency fees for workers' compensation lawyers range from 10 to 20 percent. However, it's important to note that many states cap the percentage or amount a workers' compensation attorney can charge. 

There are a few things to know about hiring a workers' compensation lawyer. First, it's worth visiting an attorney if you are having trouble with your claim or have questions. Second, a workers' compensation lawyer can represent you and work to get you the benefits you need after a work-related accident or illness. Finally, how much a workers' compensation lawyer costs will vary, but most charge contingency fees for their services. 

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