Workers' Comp And Two Jobs: Common Faqs

In 2017, 4.9 percent of American workers held two jobs at one time, according to the United States Department of Labor. Those people who do hold two jobs can see their circumstances even more drastically affected if they happen to sustain an injury while on the clock at just one of their places of employment. If you happen to be one of the people in this country who holds two jobs at once, it is best if you know what to expect where workers' compensation is concerned if you do end up getting injured. Here is a look at some of the most common questions regarding two jobs and workers' comp. 

Is it true you can be paid compensation for both jobs if you're injured at one?

In some states, workers' comp can be paid to cover a percentage of both sets of wages even though you only sustained an injury at one workplace. Technically, if you had not been at work at the place where you were injured, you would still be able to work at the second job. In order to qualify for compensation based on both lines of employment, certain criteria may have to be met. For example, it may be required that both employers carry workers' comp insurance. 

Can you continue to work at your second job if you're injured and off for recuperation?

The answer to this question can be tricky, and it can rely on what state you live in and the nature of your injuries. In some unique situations, a workplace injury will only prevent you from performing required job duties at one place and not the other. For example, if you work as a factory worker standing on your feet, slip, fall, and break your leg, that may not necessarily mean you won't be able to work at your second job, which happens to be an office position where you can remain seated throughout the workday. Unfortunately, some insurers will try to claim if you are capable of performing work at one place, then you should be able to return to work at the place where you were injured, so you do have to be careful. 

Why is it good to hire an attorney if you're injured and have two jobs?

Employees who have two jobs and end up with a workplace injury and a workers' comp claim can have unique situations surrounding their claims and their case. It is best if you have a workers comp attorney to help you through the process so you do not make any major mistakes that cost you your compensation for your injuries.